Call for specimens - Polyrhachis needed! - Dirk Mezger

Dear colleagues,
In a few months I am starting an amazing project on phylogeny, evolution and biogeography of Polyrhachis ants at the Lab of Corrie Moreau. Therefore I will analyze morphology and DNA of these spiny ants. In the course of my study I will need as much material as possible.
So if you could donate any Polyrhachis specimens, preferably preserved in ethanol, I would be very grateful to you. As these ants are quite large, also samples of only few workers would be very helpful for my study. This project has its focus on global pattern, so specimens from all parts of the distribution range of these spiny ants are helpful; no matter they come from Australia, New Guinea, Asia or Africa.

 If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me!

Thanks a lot and best regards


 You may contact me by the following email address:


Link to specimen pictures: