Dear Reader,

In this part of our virtual museum of natural history we present about half of the ant species of Mongolia: 35 palaearctic species on more than hundred detailed automontage pictures. We hope that you enjoy these pictures and that they may help you to identify the ant species more properly. However, do not forget to use a key!

Of course, we would not have been able to make this presentation online without the help of many friends and colleagues. Especially, I want to thank Dr. Bernhard Seifert, National Museum of Natural History in Görlitz and Prof. Dr. Alexander Radchenko, University of Kiew, for the identification of the specimens. I appreciate Prof. Dr. Seiki Yamane, Kagoshima University, Prof. Dr. Sadao Kawaguchi, Kyushu University, Prof. Michal Woyciechowski, Jagiellonian University, and Aibek Ulykpan, Mongolian National University, who collected some of the presented specimens, and also Katrin Deufel, University of Ulm, for photographing all specimens. I am grateful to Prof. Dr. Kaman Ulykpan, Mongolian National University, Ulaanbaatar, for his kind cooperation and help during the organization of our expeditions and also for the collection of some of the ant specimens.

Within a few weeks we will also present an updated species list including all Mongolian ant species currently known. This paper is in review for the "Bonner Zoologische Beiträge" at the moment. We will also present pictures of the Gobi desert and the other habitats of Mongolia and some stories from our expeditions.

But now, please have a look on the myrmecological secrets of the Gobi ...

Martin Pfeiffer
(Editor Antbase)