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The antbase.net team: PD Dr. Martin Pfeiffer, editor and Dr. Dirk Mezger, photographer and project manager. Not shown here is Evelin Boos, software engineer.


Dr. Martin Pfeiffer
Department of Biogeography
University of Bayreuth
Universitätsstrasse 30
D-95447 Bayreuth
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Phone: +49 (921) 502361
E-Mail: martin.pfeiffer(at)uni-bayreuth.de
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DE 173703203
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Dr. Martin Pfeiffer

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Dr. Martin Pfeiffer
Site credits
We thank SABAH PARKS for the assistance and help during our studies in Sabah. Especially we want to express our gratitude to our collegues from Sabah Parks' research department (Dr. Jamili Nais, Maklarin Lakim and coworkers) that helped us in various ways during technical problems with our field studies.We also want to thank Assoc. Prof. Datin Dr. Maryati Mohamed Director of the INSTITUTE FOR TROPICAL BIOLOGY & CONSERVATION of the Universiti Malaysia Sabah for her close cooperation during field work and preparation of the studies. We thank the Economic Planning Unit (EPU, Malaysia) for research permission in Malaysia.

In Mongolia we thank Prof.K. Ulykpan and his son Aibeck Ulykpan, both working in the Department of Ecology from the University of Ulaanbaatar for the help during our studies.

We are most grateful to my friends and colleges, who were essential to built up the Würzburg comparative ant collection and who kindly lent me it for taking the photos: Carsten Brühl, Stefanie Berghoff and Andreas Floren. The current curator is Dieter Mahsberg. Many thanks also to the taxonomists who helped us with the determination of the ants: Barry Bolton, Wolfgang H.O. Dorow, Katsuyuki Eguchi, Hirofumi Okido, Rudy Kohout, John Lattke, Fabrizio Rigato, Krzysztof Roskiszewski, Seiki Yamane, P.S. Ward and others.

We are also grateful to all those people, who provided us with specimens, especially Roland Schultz, University of Greifswald, Manfred Verhaagh and Christiana Klingenberg, Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe and Herbert Zettel, Museum of Natural History Wien.

Most photographs of the AntBase.Net had been taken and were processed by Manuela Wiest and Hans Peter Katzmann, Gero Lückemeyer helped us with CSS files, in Antbase.net our project manager Hans Peter Katzmann is responsible for all that work. Many thanks to Evelin Boos, Michael Wiedemann, Thorsten Ludwig and Jürgen Hoppe from the SysTax Project for help. Especially Michael had a lot of work with writing the scripts for antbase.net.

I thank Yvonne Basusie and Noel B. Tawatao, Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation Universiti Malaysia Sabah for the translation of AntBase.Net into the Malay language!! This was a very important job!

We are grateful to Dr. Donat Agosti, American Museum of Natural History and to Dr. Brian Fisher, Californian Academy of Science for their advice, help and support regarding automontage photos and the proper practice of a virtual museum.

We thank all our readers who help us checking proper identification of ants. Please inform us if you identify mistakes!

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