NEW on in April 2010:

New species of Eurhopalothrix
This month we present our revision of the Eurhopalothrix-platisquama-group including the description of the new species Eurhopalothrix elke. This group of charismatic ants with its bizarre feather-like setae is restricted to the Sundaland with three species endemic to Borneo. Here you can download the Myrmecological News paper and go to Automontage pictures of all four species of this beautiful group of ants.

Eurhopalothrix elke sp.n.
Eurhopalothrix dubia
Eurhopalothrix platisquama
Eurhopalothrix seguenis
Eurhopalothrix elke, a new species from Borneo, and a key to the species
of the E. platisquama group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
(at Myrmecological News)


This month we present the last pictures from our visit at the Natural History Museum in London. We had a lot of fun at the Museum and would like to thank everyone at the Museum and at SYNTHESYS for making our visit possible and such a productive time. Thanks again to everyone!

Philidris brunnea
Philidris myrmecodiae nigriventris
Proceratium dayak
Proceratium deelemani
Proceratium dusun
Proceratium sulawense
Romblonella opaca
Rotastruma recava
Secostruma lethifera
Tyrannomyrmex rex
Vombisidris dryas
Vombisidris xylochos


In the course of the rebuild of our website we are trying to replace all pictures of specimens on our website with Automontage pictures. Here are the first few pictures, mostly Aenictine, Amblyoponinae and Cerapachyinae. Enjoy the pictures!

Aenictus 3
Aenictus biroi
Aenictus chapmani
Aenictus peguensis
Aenictus silvestrii
Cerapachys 2
Cerapachys dohertyi
Cerapachys paradoxus
Dorylus vishnui major
Dorylus vishnui minor
Myopopone castanea
Mystrium camillae
Prionopelta 1
Recurvidris browni
Rhoptromyrmex wroughtonii


Weeyawat Jaitrong has described a new species of Lasiomyrma. See the pictures of Lasiomyrma wiwatwitayai.

Lasiomyrma wiwatwitayai
"A New Species of the Ant Genus Lasiomyrma (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Myrmicinae) from Thailand"