NEW on in June 2010:

Daniela Magdalena Sorger from the Natural History Museum in Vienna has provided us with some pictures from her visit to the Natural History Musuem in London. This trip was financed by the SYNTHESYS Project of the European Union, and we are very happy for her for getting a place in this programme and that she shares some of the results she obtained in London with us!
Due to the little time she had at hand and working with equipment she wasn't used, the pictures aren't quite the quality she would have wanted. Nevertheless some pictures worked out quite nice and we are pleased to show some new species! Have a look!


This month we continue with more ants from our collection that have been previously only available as non-automontage pictures. With the redesign of our website we want to present all of our specimens with Automontage pictures. Therefore we will continue with photographing some of our old specimens or replace them with new ones. Apart from that, we will of course continually present new species and new pictures from interesting ants. Have a look!