NEW on in May 2010:

Since we were working on the relaunch of our website, we were a little busy and didn't get to photograph as much as we would have liked. Never the less we have managed to take pictures of the Technomyrmex specimens we got from Prof. Seiki Yamane. Enjoy the pictures!

Technomyrmex brunneus
Technomyrmex butteli
Technomyrmex difficilis
Technomyrmex dubius
Technomyrmex elatior
Technomyrmex hades
Technomyrmex obscurior
Technomyrmex pratensis
Technomyrmex rotundiceps
Technomyrmex strenuus
Technomyrmex tatius
Technomyrmex vitiensis
Technomyrmex wheeleri
Technomyrmex yamanei


To help out Sze Huei Yek with her work on metapleural glands in ants we have photographed one of the minor workers of Camponotus gigas from our collection. We are glad that we could help out and wish her all the luck with her work!

Camponotus gigas minor


Relaunch of
welcome to our newly designed website! We've been working hard on the rebuild of our website, and are very happy and relieved to finally present the results to you! While the general appearance of the site has changed only slightly, we focused on reorganizing the way we structure and present our data.
Our former approach to organize specimens in only three regions (Borneo, Mongolia and Germany/Central Europe) confronted us with problems when specimens from the same general region but varying countries had to be fitted into this system. So we decided to restructure the navigation on our site and start over with a more logical approach.
Now it is possible to browse through all our specimens by their systematic classification. Additionally you can choose between different biomes and from there work your way to all of the specimens. This will give you the opportunity to quickly pick out the particular species you are looking for or to browse the species of a single country. The professional as well as the interested hobby myrmecologist will gain from these different approaches to get to an easy identification of their specimens. Additionally we have implemented a new Google-powered search to help you find what you are looking for even quicker.
Another exciting feature of our redesigned website is the species comparison tool. Using this you have to mark check boxes for every species view you want to add. You then can easily view this list and select the preferred view to compare two or more species at one glance.
Of course we have kept all of our former features as well, so you can still watch our posters exhibition or ant movies for distraction, browse our extensive link collection, get in contact with ant researchers from around the globe, read interviews with colleagues or get informed about calls for specimens from your fellow researchers. Besides that we are planning new features for our website as well. By next month we will start with a new section of pictures of ants "in the field", we will broaden our spectrum of ants by introducing a new myrmecological region and we will hopefully soon be able to give you more possibilities of direct participation at

So enjoy the redesign of our website and prepare for more features to come!

If you have any comments or ever wanted to share something with us, please contact us at redesign[at]

Martin Pfeiffer & Hans Peter Katzmann