NEW on in February:

We proudly present more new ant-pictures from the collection of the Staatliche Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe:

Aenictus aratus
Aenictus camposi
Aenictus cornutus
Aenictus dentatus
Aenictus fergusoni
Aenictus gracilis
Aenictus hottai
Aenictus laeviceps
Anochetus graeffei
Anochetus sp. 5 near tua
Centromyrmex feae
Dorylus affinis
Gnamptogenys sp. near binghamii queen
Gnamptogenys sp. near binghamii worker
Dolichoderus cuspidatus
Odontomachus simillimus
Pachycondyla leeuwenhoeki
Pachycondyla sharpi
Pristomyrmex trachylissus
Tetraponera attenuata
Tetraponera modesta
Tetraponera nitida