NEW on in August 2009:

New picturs from the collection of Seiki Yamane, several Crematogaster, two Anochetus and one Amblyopone species. Prepare for more still to come!

Amblyopone reclinata
Anochetus agilis
Anochetus rugosus
Crematogaster mucronata
Crematogaster onusta
Crematogaster physothorax
Crematogaster sewardi
Crematogaster tanakai
Crematogaster vacca


We are very proud to present you the pictures from John LaPolla's recently published identification key to the genus Euprenolepis. He kindly gave us permission to present his pictures on our website. Please note that most of the material originates from the AntBaseNet Collection (ABNC). You can find a link to the key in our Section with Taxonomic Identification Keys. So enjoy the pictures!

Euprenolepis echinata
Euprenolepis maschwitzi
Euprenolepis negrosensis
Euprenolepis negrosensis male
Euprenolepis negrosensis queen
Euprenolepis procera major
Euprenolepis procera minor
Euprenolepis procera male
Euprenolepis procera queen
Euprenolepis thrix
Euprenolepis variegata
Euprenolepis wittei
Euprenolepis wittei male
Euprenolepis wittei queen
Euprenolepis zeta