NEW on in March:

This month we have further pictures from asian ants from the Zoologische Staatssammlung München.

Camponotus maculatus pallidus
Camponotus misturus
Camponotus nicobarensis
Diacamma intricatum
Diacamma rugosum
Diacamma rugosum
Echinopla melanarctos
Gnamptogenys bicolor
Leptogenys diminuta
Polyrhachis proxima
Pseudolasius familiaris
Tetraponera pilosa

In cooperation with Rudolf Kohout we present pictures of his newest descriptions of Polyrhachis-species from Borneo. The original species-descriptions can be read in Asian Myrmecology

Polyrhachis hashimotoi spec.nov.
Polyrhachis maryatiae spec.nov.
Polyrhachis reidi spec.nov.
Polyrhachis sukarmani spec.nov.

In cooperation with Dr. med. Andreas Freytag we are able to show some interesting pictures of a collective nest-formation of two Oecophylla cf smaragdina queens in Borneo.

Carsten Brühl sent us some movies about a ritual fight of Camponotus gigas workers that we show on our Movies pages. Have a look!

Enjoy our newest pictures!