NEW on in June 2009:

This month we have pictures of specimems of the genera Acropyga and Aenictus from the collection of Prof. Seiki Yamane. He generously loaned parts of his collection to us, so we could complete the photographing of several ant-genera from Borneo.
Furthermore we have new pictures from the Natural History Museum in Vienna (NHMW) and Magdalena Sorger. This time it is pairs of more Pheidole species (major and minor workers). Enjoy the pictures!

Acropyga acutiventris (Thailand)
Acropyga acutiventris (Malaysia)
Acropyga acutiventris queen
Acropyga butteli (Thailand)
Acropyga butteli (Malaysia)
Acropyga inezae
Acropyga nipponensis
Acropyga oceanica
Acropyga pallida
Aenictus binghami
Aenictus ceylonicus
Aenictus inflatus
Aenictus javanus
Aenictus philippinensis
Aenictus thailandianus
Pheidole butteli major
Pheidole butteli minor
Pheidole comata major
Pheidole comata minor
Pheidole havilandi major
Pheidole havilandi minor
Pheidole hortensis major
Pheidole hortensis minor
Pheidole orophila major
Pheidole orophila minor


Ants as friends: Dr Paul Van Mele, technology transfer specialist at WARDA, and Dr Nguyen Thi Thu Cuc, an entomologist at the Cantho University, have written a book that provides practical tips to make optimal use of the beneficial weaver ant, based on improved insights of underlying ecological principles. They combined the rich sources of scientific and farmers' knowledge into an attractive and colorful manual. It will appeal in particular to university students, NGO workers, extension staff and all those engaged in communicating science to farmers. You can download the book in three different languages directly from our website!
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Ants as Food: Weaver Ants on the table In many countries of South East Asia weaver ants are harvested as a source of high protein food and as cure against diseases. The tradition of eating ants is most prominent among people in Thailand. A recent study of Sribandit et al. published in ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY assesses the socio-economic significance of ant harvesting and evaluates its sustainability. Read more about the weaver ant harvest in Thailand.
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