NEW on in May:

After finishing the collection of the Zoologische Staatssammlung München, we continue with new material from the Gunung Mulu National Park, collected by Dirk Mezger.

Acanthomyrmex concavus
Amblyopone sp. 2
Calyptomyrmex sp. 1
Camponotus schmitzi
Crematogaster difformis
Dolichoderus kinabaluensis
Myrmoteras chondrogastrum
Myrmoteras donisthorpei
Pheidole modiglianii
Pheidole montana
Polyrhachis sp. near trinax
Vombisidris regina


Furthermore we have some new Pyramica-species and more tiny ants. Have a look!

Discothyrea sp. 1
Eurhopalotrix jennya
Pyramica aello
Pyramica dohertyi
Pyramica mitis
Pyramica mnemosyne