NEW on in May 2009:

This month we have further pictures from the Natural History Museum in Vienna (NHMW), taken by Magdalena Sorger. Additionally, we show some nice species from our own collection. Enjoy the pictures!

Dolichoderus feae
Dolichoderus magnipastor
Monomorium pharaonis
Pachycondyla pilidorsalis
Pheidole angulicollis
Pheidole butteli
Pheidole lokitae
Pheidole orophila major
Pheidole orophila minor
Pheidole planidorsum
Pheidole rugifera
Pheidole rugifera major
Pheidole sauberi
Pheidole sauberi major
Pheidole sauberi minor
Pheidole upeneci
Pristomyrmex brevispinosus
Pristomyrmex coggii
Pristomyrmex levigatus
Pristomyrmex lucidus
Pristomyrmex punctatus
Strumigenys aechme
Strumigenys rofocala
Strumigenys rotogenys
Technomyrmex grandis
Technomyrmex kraepelini
Technomyrmex kraepelini dark
Technomyrmex lisae