NEW on in July:

Ants of the Natural History Museum Vienna: goes to Asia

In cooperation with Dr. Herbert Zettel of the Natural History Museum Vienna proudly presents 27 ant species of the large collection of the NHM Vienna. We enlarge the range of our presentation and present specimens that have been collected from all over (South East) Asia. Many of them are pretty old and our presentation includes for the first time also paratypes (specimens that have been used for the description of the species), e.g. a paratype of Meranoplus birmanus. Many thanks to Vienna, we are looking forward to a further cooperation!

Meranoplus bicolor
Meranoplus birmanus
Meranoplus borneensis
Meranoplus laeviventris
Meranoplus malaysianus
Meranoplus montanus
Polyrhachis abdominalis
Polyrhachis beccarii
Polyrhachis bihamata
Polyrhachis dives
Polyrhachis equina
Polyrhachis illaudata
Polyrhachis murina
Polyrhachis nigropilosa
Polyrhachis phalerata
Polyrhachis proxima
Polyrhachis pruinosa
Polyrhachis rastellata
Polyrhachis striata
Polyrhachis villipes noesaensis
Pristomyrmex bicolor
Pristomyrmex brevispinosus
Pristomyrmex rigidus
Pristomyrmex sulcatus
Tetraponera allaborans
Tetraponera nigra
Tetraponera rufonigra