NEW on in February 2012:

After our moving to Ulaanbaatar to the National University of Mongolia, School of Biology and Biotechnology, Department of Ecology, it took some time to restablish our lab and to find a new photographer. Since December 2011 Khishigdelger Enkhtur has joint our team and has by now replaced Hans-Peter, our well experienced senior manager, who stayed in Ulm, Germany. Bye, bye, Hans-Peter, it has been a nice time and is thankful for all of the work that you have invested in it!

But now have a look to our new specimens, which had been sampled from China by John R. Fellowes, one of the editors of ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY, and which have been mounted from alcohol material here in Ulaanbaatar. It is very hard to get ant specimens from China in front of the lense, so proudly presents its "Ants of China" (Part 1):