NEW on in June:

We are proud to present to you some newly determined Myrmicaria species, with the kind help of Mr. Bakhtiar Effendi Yahya.

Myrmicaria BC05
Myrmicaria spec nov 1
Myrmicaria spec nov 2
Myrmicaria spec nov 3 dark
Myrmicaria spec nov 3 bright
Myrmicaria melanogaster
Myrmicaria spec nov 4


In our ongoing effort to present our whole collection in Automontage pictures, we present further Myrmicine species, including some new genera. Enjoy them!

Camponotus (Colobobsis) saundersi
Cardiocondyla 3
Crematogaster sp.
Cardiocondyla 5
Cataulacus horridus
Eurhopalothrix omnivaga
Eurhopalothrix elke
Pheidole parvicorpus
Pyramica extemena
Recurvidris kemneri
Tetheamyrma subspongia


If you are interested in Mongolian ants, you should have a look at our latest pictures of Mongolian Myrmecines and a new Formica species!

Cardiocondyla koshewnikovi
Plagiolepis manczshurica
Temnothorax mongolicus
Temnothorax nassonowi

Formica gagatoides