NEW on in March 2009:

Read an interview with Dr. Jürgen Hoppe, co-founder and head of SysTax, Data provider for GBIF and our own website, Here is the text of the interview...

We have a brand new taxonomic identification key in our collection, a key from John LaPolla on the genus Euprenolepis. Identification Key Collection

This month we present pictures from some rare genera we found in our collection. Enjoy the pictures!

Dacetinops cirrosus
Dilobocondyla sp. 1
Dilobocondyla sp. 2 bright
Dilobocondyla sp. 2 dark
Dilobocondyla sp. 3
Dilobocondyla sp. 4
Dolichoderus tuberifer
Meranoplus mucronatus
Prionopelta kraepelini
Tetramorium simillimum