NEW on in July:

This month we present new Automontage pictures of some of our Pheidole species from Borneo. Enjoy them!

Pheidole annexus
Pheidole cariniceps
Pheidole clypeocornis
Pheidole elisae
Pheidole elisae major
Pheidole inornata
Pheidole lucioccipitalis
Pheidole lucioccipitalis major
Pheidole quadrensis
Pheidole quadricuspis
Pheidole quadricuspis major
Pheidole sabahna
Pheidole sarawakana
Pheidole sarawakana major


We have just updated our Section with taxonomic identification keys for Bornean ants. Dirk Mezger went into his archives and gathered all relevant taxonomic literature for Bornean ants. Furthermore Prof. Hashimoto of the Universiti Malaysia Sabah presents his keys to the Bornean subfamilies. You can also download the refernces of the keys as an EndNote file and send us further keys if you want.
Have a look at our collection of keys


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